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I have a week off work. Tomorrow its training in a Museum of buildings materials so we pootle about a museum then get a pub lunch, so keeping away from the howling of the ungrateful and ungracious tenant. The evening to see a play with David, cool.!
Friday Off to Turin via Amsterdam, for all of 1/2 an hour. Then to experiment with the art of Ligging for a weekend which John seems to have down but i'm not convinced about.
back Monday and back to another course on Tuesday. Hurrah Pissing about seeing obscure movies and being paid to go to school.
i'm impressed in that my sis it going back to uni and her dept are paying too which isn't bad as the buggers a two year diploma/degree.
she seems to keep mentioning the 3 year degree option so I think she may actually go for it. The reason I think its such a big deal is that her previous hubby didn't like her with natural hair let alone to be too smart. But he's gone and she's going.
the wage situation did go down but becuse the payroll dep had checked their Email.
just as well i did the overtime as i'd be fucked otherwise.
As things are:good to moderate.


Hope holidays and Bicon were good and you have come back refreshed. i haven't been on Lj as i haven't had much to say really. Lolloping about has been about my level.
Work still a good laugh even in the rain. No frogs to report
money : steady and the planning is beginning to work out.
stuff good.
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Many Many thanks for the touching comments, I really appriciate it. Yep you rock.
The weekend was wonderfully various Saturday was meant to be Rock night in bethnal green but after getting too wasted with to get to the Station, we stayed in a talked all night.
Sunday Dark Jubiliee in which I wore totally impractical shoes and a frock thats getting bit threadbare and danced about and took drugs, really sophisticated huh.
Monday recovering with and and popping in to Rachels party to watch the queens paper mache head get beaten to a pulp but joyous and hyperactive children. I caught up with some old faces too. Cool.
Got back to Whipps to discover that the early show staff hadn't turned up so I get to do the news show with time in the evening to spare.
So I endup at party in which everyone else is already off their tits. hurrah !!!!!! Excellent to see folk again.
Tuesday Chill out at the V & A with . Looking at biiiig frocks and generally fab home ideas.

Next weekend Duckie for yet another Jubilee thang and chill out at a private view on Arfrican art, one of the boys at work mentioned, in highbury with the lovely Soph, just to check out the wine really.
Weekend after loloping in a field with pulp and Friends
Weekend after that my party, c'mon if you think you fancy it.
Weekend after after that Weekender with Trish. Rah
Week times are generaly kept free for ad hoc tomfoolery and puppy show.
New phone number to those who email.
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Whatever happened to..

Sorry I haven't been about lately. The cat been in season for part of that time so the beautiful sounds of cats rutting had kept me awake for part of the last two weeks.
Plus the Halifax trying to sell me more products instead of just processing the paperwork has kept me gibbering for a while.

This weekend began well then dipped and shot upwards again.
out with soph to see From Hell, much blood and guts and I was happy with and we stumbled upon a gay bar without very very loud music chatted lots and stumbled home at 4.
Saturday started ok got pampered at the hairdressers slightly different style this time. but after that the last weeks accumulated lack of sleep a nap was in order. didn't get one as the boys in my house decided to practice their guitar playing with their favourite tunes very loudly. I gave up and chatted for a few hours whilst waiting for j and once I thought it time to go the party at Sm I fell asleep. it took me a while to actually get to bed as I could not be stirred for about 1/4 of an hour. Sorry I didn't get see folk . my bad.

Sunday was better as I was rested but I still only managed to get up at midday. Ate collected the sofa from Simon m's and we saw Monster Inc. We like.

But My Monday was ish. It turns out that the finance officer had sent the details to
the personnel dept but the personal dept hadn't actioned it. Then I call
them to get things going and personnel were waiting for the finance officer
to fax one more form. He had forgotten this time and grumbled a lot about
it being unnecessary. but once that has gone to personnel they promised to
send that to Halifax. I shall call Halifax tomorrow PM to check. oh well heres hoping.

Right to play more cheesy tunes
See ya
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Thanks for an excellent party and it was cool to catch up with people and just mingle a lot.
Also to for the rest of the lovely weekend.
Apologies in advance for not making it to the pancake party but I had prior booking and i'd forgotten pancake day was comming up.

Still awaiting the offer letter from the mortgage folk but it seems imiment. I'm still resisting the urge to start packing although there's always stuff to get rid of.
Work is lovely and quiet too.
I keep thinking as I clear up the kitchen that the mess will be all mine soon. I know there will be a lot of mess in the comming months but it will still be mine. hurrah
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I now have a car. Hurrah, tho I still haven't passed my test. but i had, for a while forgotten how much I really liked driving in London. i realise this sounds weird but i was learning in lovely eastlondon and therefore enjoying the irritation of boy racers with my stubborn caution. The cost of taking driving lessons for just practice is a big reason and the price 225 is another way to pootle about fine to use for work and play about London.
Ooo house and car. Wow.
Will have word on the mortgage v.soon. and have worked out that I'll have two months wages in the bank before payments start. Shopping with my sis. It seems remarkably painless so far.
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Well, i'm moving.Exchange date March 7th.
Oooh, I'm trying to resist the urge to buy every household thing I see, but most big things are in there already even the washing machine :-).
Can't help feeling a little low and empty as the diversity of CL is one of the things I love about the place. Tho some people wont come round to see me whilst i live there, hurrumph ;-)
up an till now I 've been bouncy and enthusiastic with the increase of space it been mine, sort off, now, i'm thinking i would never have met these folk anywhere else, and I would miss them.
Yea yea i can always visit but with my timetable and the option of my own pad I'm likely to get slack at best. oh well that's a resolution then.
I would write more but I've been reading the last few days posts and I need to go to bed. night night


I have just come back from viewing a flat in Stratford. It's quite central, just off the main broadway. It's one bed the kitchen and living room are large enough and I LOVE IT. Granted, It's the first one i've seen but I can't see anywhere being actually in Stratford and near friends as apposed to the other best option which was closer to Bow than Stratford and quite frankly I've viewed and lived in far worse places . It's on the 2nd floor and has its own parking space. The kitchen applainces stay and the building isn't even 10 years old. It will cost more than where I am but I have been sooo ready to get my own pad for so long and I can afford to put a nice chunk of a deposit to reduce the mortgage payments .Though I love my housemates I don't think I can do comming home to yet another party for much longer. Oh well to get a solicitor and surveyor. Any ideas of good local ones ?
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Flu again

Okay its my second day off work due to flu. Still have a bit of fever and just sweating it out in bed. Monday was a right off as I couldn't really concentrate and Whipps was a right off as I couldn't get request with flu .

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This will make you laugh.

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

But to the new year. I almost missed it as j took to absinthe a little too well and almost just wandered off a bosterous crowd going the wrong way. once there got soaked in champers by other revellers text folk but then realized i don't have many numbers to text to. Mmm mental note there.
The rest of the week was culture vulturing around going to Galleries and of course as many Guadi Stuff as poss, which is no mean feet as this is Guadi year. we decided that he was Willy wonka as his house looks like its made of pink marzipan.
I got a new list of houses available and so far there is just one in Woolwich, which I'm a bit dubious about but it is 2 bed, so i'll give it look.
Hugs and stuff. see you folk on Saturday as the next two Fridays are booked if not then i'll get in touch.XXXXX