January 17th, 2002


I have just come back from viewing a flat in Stratford. It's quite central, just off the main broadway. It's one bed the kitchen and living room are large enough and I LOVE IT. Granted, It's the first one i've seen but I can't see anywhere being actually in Stratford and near friends as apposed to the other best option which was closer to Bow than Stratford and quite frankly I've viewed and lived in far worse places . It's on the 2nd floor and has its own parking space. The kitchen applainces stay and the building isn't even 10 years old. It will cost more than where I am but I have been sooo ready to get my own pad for so long and I can afford to put a nice chunk of a deposit to reduce the mortgage payments .Though I love my housemates I don't think I can do comming home to yet another party for much longer. Oh well to get a solicitor and surveyor. Any ideas of good local ones ?
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