September 18th, 2002

(no subject)

I have a week off work. Tomorrow its training in a Museum of buildings materials so we pootle about a museum then get a pub lunch, so keeping away from the howling of the ungrateful and ungracious tenant. The evening to see a play with David, cool.!
Friday Off to Turin via Amsterdam, for all of 1/2 an hour. Then to experiment with the art of Ligging for a weekend which John seems to have down but i'm not convinced about.
back Monday and back to another course on Tuesday. Hurrah Pissing about seeing obscure movies and being paid to go to school.
i'm impressed in that my sis it going back to uni and her dept are paying too which isn't bad as the buggers a two year diploma/degree.
she seems to keep mentioning the 3 year degree option so I think she may actually go for it. The reason I think its such a big deal is that her previous hubby didn't like her with natural hair let alone to be too smart. But he's gone and she's going.
the wage situation did go down but becuse the payroll dep had checked their Email.
just as well i did the overtime as i'd be fucked otherwise.
As things are:good to moderate.