jackie Hutchinson (jackieh) wrote,
jackie Hutchinson

This will make you laugh.

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

But to the new year. I almost missed it as j took to absinthe a little too well and almost just wandered off a bosterous crowd going the wrong way. once there got soaked in champers by other revellers text folk but then realized i don't have many numbers to text to. Mmm mental note there.
The rest of the week was culture vulturing around going to Galleries and of course as many Guadi Stuff as poss, which is no mean feet as this is Guadi year. we decided that he was Willy wonka as his house looks like its made of pink marzipan.
I got a new list of houses available and so far there is just one in Woolwich, which I'm a bit dubious about but it is 2 bed, so i'll give it look.
Hugs and stuff. see you folk on Saturday as the next two Fridays are booked if not then i'll get in touch.XXXXX

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