jackie Hutchinson (jackieh) wrote,
jackie Hutchinson


Well, i'm moving.Exchange date March 7th.
Oooh, I'm trying to resist the urge to buy every household thing I see, but most big things are in there already even the washing machine :-).
Can't help feeling a little low and empty as the diversity of CL is one of the things I love about the place. Tho some people wont come round to see me whilst i live there, hurrumph ;-)
up an till now I 've been bouncy and enthusiastic with the increase of space it been mine, sort off, now, i'm thinking i would never have met these folk anywhere else, and I would miss them.
Yea yea i can always visit but with my timetable and the option of my own pad I'm likely to get slack at best. oh well that's a resolution then.
I would write more but I've been reading the last few days posts and I need to go to bed. night night

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