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Whatever happened to..

Sorry I haven't been about lately. The cat been in season for part of that time so the beautiful sounds of cats rutting had kept me awake for part of the last two weeks.
Plus the Halifax trying to sell me more products instead of just processing the paperwork has kept me gibbering for a while.

This weekend began well then dipped and shot upwards again.
out with soph to see From Hell, much blood and guts and I was happy with and we stumbled upon a gay bar without very very loud music chatted lots and stumbled home at 4.
Saturday started ok got pampered at the hairdressers slightly different style this time. but after that the last weeks accumulated lack of sleep a nap was in order. didn't get one as the boys in my house decided to practice their guitar playing with their favourite tunes very loudly. I gave up and chatted for a few hours whilst waiting for j and once I thought it time to go the party at Sm I fell asleep. it took me a while to actually get to bed as I could not be stirred for about 1/4 of an hour. Sorry I didn't get see folk . my bad.

Sunday was better as I was rested but I still only managed to get up at midday. Ate collected the sofa from Simon m's and we saw Monster Inc. We like.

But My Monday was ish. It turns out that the finance officer had sent the details to
the personnel dept but the personal dept hadn't actioned it. Then I call
them to get things going and personnel were waiting for the finance officer
to fax one more form. He had forgotten this time and grumbled a lot about
it being unnecessary. but once that has gone to personnel they promised to
send that to Halifax. I shall call Halifax tomorrow PM to check. oh well heres hoping.

Right to play more cheesy tunes
See ya

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