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Many Many thanks for the touching comments, I really appriciate it. Yep you rock.
The weekend was wonderfully various Saturday was meant to be Rock night in bethnal green but after getting too wasted with to get to the Station, we stayed in a talked all night.
Sunday Dark Jubiliee in which I wore totally impractical shoes and a frock thats getting bit threadbare and danced about and took drugs, really sophisticated huh.
Monday recovering with and and popping in to Rachels party to watch the queens paper mache head get beaten to a pulp but joyous and hyperactive children. I caught up with some old faces too. Cool.
Got back to Whipps to discover that the early show staff hadn't turned up so I get to do the news show with time in the evening to spare.
So I endup at party in which everyone else is already off their tits. hurrah !!!!!! Excellent to see folk again.
Tuesday Chill out at the V & A with . Looking at biiiig frocks and generally fab home ideas.

Next weekend Duckie for yet another Jubilee thang and chill out at a private view on Arfrican art, one of the boys at work mentioned, in highbury with the lovely Soph, just to check out the wine really.
Weekend after loloping in a field with pulp and Friends
Weekend after that my party, c'mon if you think you fancy it.
Weekend after after that Weekender with Trish. Rah
Week times are generaly kept free for ad hoc tomfoolery and puppy show.
New phone number to those who email.

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