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Okay this is very much catch up day.
Many thanks to those supportive folk over the last few weeks and you have been really excellent and great fun to be with to. Wow to lily and lisa for a fab time, I definitely want more of that and happy birthday to Lily sorry I didn't call or anything.
Apologies to piglet for being grouchy this week.
Work has become considerably easier, no exposure to the general public anymore, which is always a good thing. Took the day off work to spend the night and day and another night slowly tormenting someone.Cool. Ooh, I feel all warm and perverse, and now I must away to prepare for more of the same.
oh and I was asked to go to a villa in France by a friend not on this scene, which is quite a turn up for the books. So hopefully that draycott lad can stop cruxifying himself. Ah life is definitely getting better.
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Until now I have had little to comment about but last night I had a date with bill someone I met ,I thought in 2-3 months ago in a bar in Cambridge and swapped mails. He sent me pictures of himself naked which surprised me it shouldn't have as I had briefly played with him at the bar.
He came to meet me in London and we chatted about the usual our relationships friends and families and cuddled a great deal. and got a foot massage in the pub, I really liked that. We went for a pizza talking more about our partners and lovers and old relationships and it just felt so good so when he had to go we couldn't let go of each other.for about 5 minutes we swayed so much we almost started dancing in the middle of the street. It felt wonderful and I almost cried, I did a little when he actually left. I couldn't cope with that much emotion so I ended up going back to the pub for a ciggie and a half and went over the night again. It feels like something I've been waiting for years without knowing it.
But today it's bicon This will the first time in years I'll have different hairdo for bicon. This could be wonderful. i hope so.
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